Friday, 11 February 2005

Photo: Night geocaching with mlord.

I got up a bit late after a night out, and then did the coffee and lunch thing eventually. I went accross to the Elgin Street Diner, expecting okish food for the price, but was not expecting to have the best milkshake I’ve ever tasted and a sandwich to rival all club sandwiches. Seriously worth visiting for the food, so thanks to #oclug for the advice on luncheon location.

Wrapped up a bit warmer and went back out to meet mlord at Canal One. We did about 5 caches in all this evening, including the one rather uncunningly documented in the photo above (I didn’t upload that image to the website). I think Mark’s workshop is the kind of place I could have a lot of fun. Had supper, and a cheesecake to sing songs about (back at Mark’s place with Jane. Thanks folks). Had coffee, not necessarily in the order herein described. Talked a bit about Linuxy stuff, binary magic 8 balls, cat stuff, and potential advertures to be had in somewhat more sunny weather.

I was playing with the other day. Interesting stuff, though dijkstra might have been a little dissappointed in this:

Just don’t try getting directions to next door.


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