Wednesday, March 16th 2005

“But you made this Clan great
And you made this nation bloom
And you rose
With your people through the new world
Like a rocket to the moon”

— Rocket to the moon, Runrig (reminds me of Canada).

Spent a bit of time getting a Blackfin board up and running properly, in between playing with a couple of ppc things. The BF kits I’ve seen are truly shoking examples of vendor luring of unsuspecting victims – there’s no way the average person is going to get one of these booting via a network with NFS.

Got that semi-sorted now, discovered a few unpleasantly nasty things about the uCLinux build process (by now, I’m not very happy with the whole design implementation – what I’ve seen of it suggests that a bedroom hacker with all the time in the world might enjoy it, but someone with a deadline will only find using the supplied infrastructure somehow enjoyable if they’re in to masochism in a big way), generally decided to throw everything in the BF kit away aside from the bare ucLinux sources and do it again myself properly. FFS, where the heck am I meant to produce a DXE if I didn’t spend a few grand on AD software? Oh, I was supposed to do that? huh? really? Wow. Obviously it sells enough software to do things this way.

Confirmed meeting some folks from Sunnyvale, but I’m doing it in San Francisco now so I get time to do the tourist thing before returning to the conference. Need to get lots of other things progressed further this week – been getting up better lately, since I’ve generally not been up after 01:00 and have cut back on the coffee intake. Still doing my daily exercises when possible but have now resorted to a three meal day (trying to keep up sufficient exercise to offset that) including some yummy breakfast. I discovered maple syrup and chocolate spread in Canada.

Looks like I’ll take a route to Nottingham via Birmingham on Saturday.


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