Monday, 2nd May, 2005

Ok. So today is the day to get copy finished up for Richard, finally. Yes. I will get that done today. Must. I can also increase my level of motivation through load music and coffee consumption (my music now being more organised on my ipod, which I finally hooked up to a shiny newish regular old PCI Firewire card that I have had kicking around the place for a while). Seems I’m using almost 30/40GB at the moment, but not all of that is music.

Is it “psyched”, “psyced” or “psyked”?

UPDATE: General preference is for “psyched”. Original quandary is below.

So, after the last blog entry, I got an email which asked whether I meant to write “psyched” instead of “psyced”. I’m not sure. I had hoped this wouldn’t come up :-) Having looked online for a few minutes before writing the aforementioned word, I came to the conclusion that the only online slang reference I could find favoured the use of “psyced” or “psyked” rather than the other spelling. Which should it be? Someone with a degree in slang, please do tell me, and I’ll “correct” it in the previous posting (alternatively, a link to a dictionary definition will do).

Photo: Geocaching in search of GCME6C, but finding only this rather empty looking tree stump.

Hussein was here in Reading yesterday, after staying over on the previous night. We had been out to see the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy on Saturday evening. That’s a pretty cool film, though since I’ve not read the book, I can’t really pass more comment than “it seemed reasonably ok”. Hussein and I went Geocaching yesterday, looking for a cache near to my house. Looks like someone managed to get there first and trash it (or the co-ordinates we had were somehow completely wrong, and the obvious cache spot with bits of wood covering an empty hole wasn’t in fact the only remnants of a missing ammo box). Annoyingly, it would seem we have lots of flat bike tires here too.

Anyway, I just got a reply from sven about sailing on the bay. Since he’s up for it, I’m going to book yet another flight to San Francisco (this time from Vancouver), so that we can spend a day doing something I’ve wanted to do for some time. Yay! Yes, it’s a little excessive to go to the US for just a day – but then – if you don’t do these things when you get the chance, you never will.

The only flipside of my summer trip to OLS is that I won’t be able to make Hannah and Joe’s PnP on the 23rd of July (the last day of OLS) – had I known the date was going to change, then I would have said that I was over at the conference, but meh. They can now at least invite others who couldn’t come before, so it’s “swings and roundabouts” in the sense that more people might make it on the new date.

Would someone please find whichever Debian Developer (DD) decided to hide wherever gdm is forced to start an X server with “-nolisten tcp” and put me in touch with them? I’ve changed my gdm.conf and gdm-factory settings to allow tcp connections, but still it’s starting an X server with paranoid parameters. Yes, that’s real nice (thanks guys), but sometimes – in the real world – we have certain programmable logic vendors who don’t seem to know that, in the civilised world, we fallback to connecting to a local UNIX domain socket instead. Do they do this kind of thing intentionally? Perhaps I should add a copy of this book to my Christmas list for this year.


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