Embedded Linux Engineer

Anyone interested in hiring an Embedded Linux engineer with practical experience in board bringup, kernel porting, device drivers, toolchains and related technologies? I’ve practical experience as outlined at about me and have recently worked extensively with Xilinx PowerPC platforms as well as some ecos development thereon. I am also the editor of Embedded and Kernel features at Linux User & Developer magazine, have served as an instructor for Redhat on their RHD248 (Embedded Linux Engineering) and have extensive community involvement. I have given presentations on various Embedded Linux technologies and am in negotiations with at least one publisher at present (I recently also contributed to the hardware hacking section of Linux Desktop Hacks).

I am presently employed in the UK but would consider moving to an appropriate environment and travel is certainly not a problem (in fact, relocation to North America would be especially of interest to me). Mail me, if you want to talk, or for further information (serious inquiries only please – no generic agency requests).


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