Beagle for Debian x86?

Anyone got an apt repository I can use for getting hold of Beagle on a Debian testing box (no, I’m not going to switch to breezy)?

I have installed most of the prerequisites from experimental as per the Beagle Debian Install instuctions but am having problems building the sources and don’t have much time to spend on this (read: I’m just curious, I’m not going to spent hours trying to build it until I actually have a reason to do use it). Looks pretty cool though. They’ve apparently ripped out dbus support from the latest version hiding in CVS (which is amusing, given who’s working on the project) and have based the search infrastructure on what looks like a beagle daemon that uses XA files tags for markers (why not? It’s a valid use for extended attributes if ever I saw one – could we also get it to tag files with their supposed contents so I can do away with silly file extensions and then have it watch for inotify changes so new files get indexed automatially in the same way?).

Wibble. I should do some work. I’m not going to Totnes as I’ve been sticking bits together for a certain magazine whose editor (in Totnes) might hit me with a big stick if I turn up today without a few columns for him to peruse :-)

Got in touch with a certain Mark Lord last night. Looks like he’s also keen on meeting up at OLS. Hopefully I can get him to show me some climbing stuff – and we can go hunting waskally geocaches down by Dow’s Lake (I was walking on it in February). Yay!


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