Intel Party – Moore’s Law’s 40th anniversary

Photo: A silicon wafer signed by Intel co-founder and technology legend, Gordon Moore. Intel celebrate Moore’s Law’s 40th anniversary at the “Digitopolis” at the Science Museum in London.

I popped into London this evening for a private party celebrating the 40th anniversary of Moore’s Law. Gordon Moore first proposed this legendary “law” back in 1965 and the microprocessor industry have followed it like lemmings ever since. But hey, it’s all about megahertz and nothing else, right? :-) Anyway, I managed to meet precisely nobody who was able to talk about anything much and very few Intel people seemed to be there. I spoke to one or two of the other guests, but generally got only some good free food and a little light entertainment as we waited around for basically no reason (a free prize draw). I talked to Clare James for a while, which was quite interesting – especially since she’s just got back from Peru. So I managed to learn quite a lot (compared with little background on Perusian politics) about the country and am inspired to read into it some more at some point. I should make a special mention of the chocolate fountain and sweet goodness that was one corner of the room tonight. I was able to restrain my indulgance, but only so much.


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