Terrorism Hysteria – Take 2

Well, looks like the guy they shot on the underground was just a regular tube traveller not acting suspiciously. I’ve ranted before about this and I’ll rant again – the UK is falling dangerously into the trap of wanting to become a totalitarian police state and wishes to suck our fundamental rights away, but in return we get no promise of a better society and have police running around executing people on the tube. This is not a society that I can feel comfortable living with.

Has anyone been tracking the latest round of claims about hate speech? Apparently we need to deport anyone and everyone who might say something we disagree with. Also, apparently it’s now necessary to accuse lawyers who advocate the right to silence of supporting various nefarious causes rather than just accept that everyone has the right to a fair and impartial judiciary, even in today’s fucked up and excessively hysterical world post a few people getting blown up – nobody likes to mention that more people die in Iraq on the average week than will ever die in a terrorism attack in the UK.

I’m just plain annoyed that nobody seems to see the problem here.


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