I’m randomly visiting Hannover for worky type reasons. Just arrived this evening and had someone great me with a little sign with my name on it before an hour in a car and a hotel that has questionable wifi. I’ve managed to get a signal by balancing one laptop in one part of the room and configuring it to bridge another over a cable connection – which works (slowly and with drops) if I sit in the right place and don’t move too much. Lovely. Hopefully they’ll move me in the morning to the part of the building that officially has wifi.

The flight with Air Berlin was also questionable. A young woman had a baby which cried the whole way (luckily it was only an hour in the air) on the plane and through customs. I actually feel sorry for her more than myself – she must have been both embarassed and annoyed at this perfectly natural thing for a baby to do. It was annoying though. More annoying was the power dive type manoeuvres that the trained monkey flying the plane felt the need to do. Seriously. I’m not inspired by this airline and was actually glad when we landed – I think I’ll guage the return trip to see if I should stick with Lufthansa.

I’ve gained a little weight due to inactivity, not really over eating. I’m hoping the climbing and other outdoor stuff can fix this – I’m talking some friends into joining me for a mountain climb next month. There’s other stuff I could mention. I’m sorting out contracts, planning trips, getting an IRS taxpayer number (don’t ask), and helping some news organisations with their Linux understanding requirements. Did this month’s DVD for LU&D, which features a couple of very interesting things I managed to convince people to let me run with (and a couple of hacked grub configs to get them multibooting) – go buy issue 54. Got offered a job yesterday by some guy who randomly called me up, always fun.


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