Project: Brave New Jon

For a little while now, I’ve been on what one might term a “detox diet”. Largely based on fruit and veg, it generally takes this form:

  • Breakfast of fruit. Usually Apples/Bananas. Lots of fruit juice (with added Calcium). Complete multi-vitamin, an additional B/C supplement, an additional Zinc supplement. Various other supplements as needed.
  • Lunch of fruit, and more juice. I’m drinking more than a lit[er|re] per day. Carrots and other veg. often come in here, or in the evening.
  • Assorted berries and more fruit in the evening, a protein shake (19g of non-diary protein derived from soy, green tea and chai – other Protein sources bring the total to at least RDA every day, as required). Fruit is generally prioritized with a preference toward those low in sugar, and it’s always organic (to avoid pesticides).
  • Plenty of water. I drink way, way, more water than I used to. I keep a glass of water next to my desk during the day and at my bedside at night. If you’re going to consume caffeine, it’s important to rehydrate yourself and this is something that is easy to overlook in today’s modern world. Water is just better for you anyway.
  • Update: I’ve decided to add some organic peanuts for the moderate increase in fat, protein and other nutrients.

Obligatory Disclaimer: I did a lot of research into precisely what food groups I need to be eating, in what quantities and created this diet for myself. I’ve not included all details here. I don’t suggest blindly following this post as a recommendation for any diet you may wish to create for yourself – but I will document some of my results here. I don’t see myself becoming a permanent veggie (or even a vegan, if I cut out the milk) but it’s very useful as a short term detoxification diet.

I’ve also taken up running and a lot of other exercise/walking. I will get my bike fixed up shortly and then, as I consider re-introducing more complex carbs, I’ll increase my cycling to offset that. How do I feel? Aside from other personal stuff in my life, I feel great – I haven’t had this much energy in years. I get good restful sleep and feel fantastic in the mornings. I’ve lost 20lbs (of mostly fat) so far but that rate has now fallen – and I’m looking at losing another 15-20lbs. I still drink way too much coffee (read: I got invited to go drinking with the folks who work in my local Starbucks), but that’s just me. I drink tea, but it’s actually largely decaf. Earl Grey at the moment. I keep a bunch of varieties around though, and a range of fresh coffee beans too – 24 hour coffee coverage available here.

I’m not turning into a fruitarian (quite – I mean, I’m violating all their rules anyway) but I admit that I am enjoying the benefits that this diet has to offer over a defined period of time. I’ll probably give it a few more weeks before I evaluate the results. My goal is to be fitter than I have been in years, to climb a lot more often, and to be 165lbs or so by the time I’m done. The project name? Brave New Jon. And this is only Phase One.


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