Brave New Jon – Random Update

So today I went a little nuts and played with extreme agendas as a means to self distraction. If I give myself enough to do for the next 3-6 months then I won’t physically have the time to pine very much. Besides, I would rather spend my time working, reading, and making myself a better person than on having my heart ripped out of my chest again (aka “dating”).

To start the day, I lined up a bunch more articles – on everything from Asterisk configuration to Internationalization and Localization, talked to a couple of publishers about forthcoming book projects (don’t worry, O’Reilly is where it’s at, at the moment – I need to get BELS finished) – and after I’d spent an hour on that stuff, lined up a few speaking engagements before having breakfast at Logan. After that, I spent the day on seriously hardcore shit (tracking down ABI breaks in earnest – don’t even bother wondering what that means). I did a lot more instead of sleeping last night, but I’ll talk about that another time. The point is, dreaming right now is evil and must be avoided.

Tonight, I’m planning a little sleep, then a random drive ahead of looking at cars tomorrow. I nearly booked a random trip to the middle of nowhere (instead, I just listened to a bunch of depressing music during my workout and then played a bunch more on the violin when I got home…now listening to Stainer’s Crucifixion too), but stopped myself in time and instead will get some things done. I need to get a couple of chapters finished this weekend before OLS. Also need to play around with overlay filesystems, and a bunch of other mumbo jumbo you probably don’t care enough about to read about it here.

On the craziness front, I have decided to do a trans-continental road trip from Boston to San Francisco. I am debating whether to do this in August, September, or next year (and factoring in available vacation). I’m going to go for the nutty option of driving solidly for days in a row and try to go there and back within 10 days. I’m seriously interested in hearing from anyone who wants to be a travel buddy on that one.


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