Brave New Jon – Animoto Video

So I’ve been playing around with Animoto recently, and thought I’d make a video showing some of my escapades over the past 1 year, 2 months, and 28 days since Project Brave New Jon officially commenced.

Brave New Jon started over a girl, but it turned into a giant self re-invention exercise that has seen me go from an inactive size 38″ to a size 29″, and turn into a hiker, climber, and many countless other things that I’ve done over the past year or so of my life. But now may be the time for me to finally accept that the reason for BNJ – the girl involved – is really gone. It’s sad that she’ll never really know what I did over how I felt about her, but that’s life. I wish I knew why it ended, but I’m clearly not supposed to ever know.

High Resolution version: Brave New Jon



One Response to “Brave New Jon – Animoto Video”

  1. You seem to be assuming that she will never read your blog. Unless she doesn’t know your name that seems quite unlikely..

    I expect that most people occasionally do a google search on people that they have known in the past and read blog posts etc.

    Are you writing these posts in the hope that she will read them and respond? If you are really determined to do so then getting one of your pages to be in the top 10 in a google search for her name would surely get a response.