Free Software Predictions for 2011

So I was thinking over the holiday about what I expect to see in the coming year. I’ll write a more optimistic post about some of the great improvements I expect to see another time, but meanwhile here are some of the things I think will continue to suck this year, in many of the non-Enterprise Linux distributions.

1). People will care even less about UNIX and where we came from.

2). Churn rate of intrusive software updates will be too high.

3). Standards will be shunned and sidelined too often as unimportant.

4). The trend toward dumbed-down “User Experiences” will continue.

5). The wheel will be re-invented at least twice, probably more.

Meanwhile, my Mac running OS X will (sadly) remain compatible with itself, retain a similar user interface that works well for technical users, and will only receive tested, appropriate updates that work well under all situations.


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