libkmod replaces module-init-tools

UPDATE: For more information, consider joining #kmod on Freenode. Development is using the existing mailing list.

The team at ProFUSION (and other helpful contributors) have done an awesome job at quickly turning the Plumber’s Wishlist for Linux kernel module loading library item into reality. libkmod is linkable into udev, will speed up module loading, and has a stated goal of remaining backward compatible with the existing behaviors already present within module-init-tools. Therefore, the average user should notice nothing other than an improved in module load times in switching to the replacement library. Those features not yet present in libkmod will be added over the coming weeks. The new library could do with some testing on non-x86, bi-endian, and will need some further thoughts around index cacheing (e.g. within long-lived processes), but is ready enough for wider use. To find out more about the library, visit the initial blog posting from the ProFUSION team:


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