A New Week Has Come

[ from the didn't-we-just-have-one? dept. ]

It’s Monday already. This is annoying. I went shopping and did fairly boring things yesterday, though we did do some wireless investigations for signal strength and I have determined that USB Wireless products will be used in our homebrew interhouse link. We can probably even take them apart, and either solder on new antennas or simply stick the entire unit in a large pringles can. In any case, the signal reaches quite a long way without any assistance so I hope we can make this VPN a reality quite soon. Had a visit from a friend, sent email, now going to do some reading and then go to campus. Thousands of hits recorded last week – slashdot is fun. Finally, the IPC does actually work but the NVRAM battery has gone so I will need to solder on a new CR2032 battery clip holder, etc. It’s cool though.

Music: N-Trance – Forver (Radio Edit).


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