Run to the hills!

[ from the time-to-escape-perhaps dept. ]

NotLUG was interesting last night, and there are some pictures. Pizza, followed by drinkies and flying cucumbers. Met some interesting people and got a Sparcstation CDROM drive off Sladen so I can actually close the lid on mine after removing the 24x drive that’s in there now to an external enclosure. Might be able to get some external 9GB drives soon too :-)

I actually feel quite miserable today here in Nottingham. That’s not too surprising – but I think I might have to go to London before tomorrow night to cheer myself up. I don’t mean in terms of visiting parts of SoHo, but just being somewhere where there’s more life and activity going on around me :-)

I have been reading again and am learning more on a daily basis – I’m reading about Format I, II and III SPARC instructions (machine code formats) while the freshers are learning to use Excel (yes, really). I don’t belong here, but I’ll quit moaning and go have some coffee so I can get hyper and feel slightly better.

Tomorrow night, we’re having fireworks at home with Joe and Hannah, and that’ll be fun. Until tomorrow then, dear readers, I bid you good day.


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