Random Travel

[ from the where-do-you-want-to-go-today? dept. ]

I met an old friend on Saturday that I have not seen in a while. This reminded me that I am now 21 and am not getting any younger – perhaps it is time to move on with my life, make some changes, and so forth. Dinner in London, very civilised, all things considered. An accident on a Central Line train did not affect us though I expect congestion tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to visit an interesting company and I need to think about employment or research after graduation, which scarily is going to happen in less than six months from now. I am seriously thinking it might be a good idea to do some further academic study – I feel my undergraduate degree leaves so much undone that there are a number of lose ends…but do I really want to spend the next three years of my life doing something I might well do in my spare time anyway?

My passport should be renewed soon and then I think I will have a random weekend break. The trip to California should still be happening though the details have not yet been resolved so it may get pushed back further in to the year. I would really like to line up a few places to visit while over there. Has it really been nearly three years in Nottingham?

I pointed out to someone the dangers of allowing untrusted people to load kernel modules through sudo and this spurred me generally in to thinking about kernel code signing. A number of research systems offer the ability to sign code using a simple cryptographic algorithm – it might be useful in Linux but would open a nice little can of worms. I took the new “Understanding The Linux Kernel” book with me on my travels and am enjoying it so far – especially the typeface and typesetting used (Adobe Framemaker and a bunch of Adobe fonts which do look very nice). I should learn the DocBook DTD properly soon and use it for certain documentation.


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