PhD Ideas

[ from the avoiding-real-life(TM)-perhaps? dept. ]

I am pondering the idea of continuing with Computer Science. I would like to research in the area of “Dynamic Fault Tollerance in Distributed Systems” for example in Operating System design and recovery for such applications. The trouble at the moment is deciding whether I am really in a position to do this right now – funding, where, when, etc. are all issues. The problem with Nottingham that relates to this is that nobody here really does this kind of thing. Arrrgh!!! Perhaps I’ll take a job for a while and figure things out but then I may never want to go back in to Education again or something.

Dilemma. Someone offer me a sponsorship, please? :-)

Meanwhile, I shall continue playing Genesis on the SPARC, it makes a very reasonable CD player or generic X workstation really. Amoeba will be happy. Maybe I will stick ChorusOS on one of these machines too – not sure yet but I might be in a random experimentation mood or something. I mean, I might even have a FreeBSD box at home soon.


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