Continued Upgrades

[ from the Music-Of-The-Night dept. ]

Finally my housemates prodded me in to upgrading the routing within the house – I stuck MRTG and a bunch of other things in place for the sake of it, so we now have pretty graphs showing bandwidth use. There is a bug (yes, yes, there are many bugs…) in NTL’s dhcp servers protocol implementation – or there is a bug in the Linux clients, but in any case I will try to track it down sometime as it is very annoying when trying to automatically discover that one cannot renew an old lease, etc.

I am doing some project work, but it is starting to annoy me that I am not moving faster – though other things are happening of course. I am going to meet a few people soon to discuss research ideas and I think if I can sort it out then a PhD is probably going to be a good idea for me at the moment. Ideally I will continue with part time consultation on the weekend/spare time to keep my knowledge of current technologies up to date and do fun stuff like porting Linux to new hardware (hopefully that’s still happening).

I got “Music Of The Night”, a CD recorded by an old friend of mine. I enjoy listening to the tracks very much (especially the track called “Promise Me”) and wish the artist every success with her musical persuits.


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