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I decided to play around with a few things to plug gaps in knowledge. On the one front, we have the gtk. I am going to write a few more simple apps to become more familiar with this library. Then there is also SVG to be played with muchly. I downloaded Toby’s DrawTool and Jok and I used it with netcat to send little messages to each other as per the documentation. I eventually found the Apache batik project Squiggle SVG browser to view output from svgdrawtool since it would seem PowerPC Linux users are left with Java-only viewing solutions. It complains about the version of the SVG DTD in use and dies when displaying svgdrawtool output but that can be fixed.

We are going to campus to revise for the Operating Systems exam. That happens on Saturday morning, and then one final exam of Advanced Computer Communications. Matrix tonight to see SSH exploits in widespread cinema use. Finally a serious crack with the correct tools and hopefully the correct terminology. Though it does claim “level 9″ access for those seeking traditional Hollywood technoshite. :-) Film is at 23:30.

Investigating summer plans somewhat. Yesterday I read about working going on at Apple and have decided to dig in to Darwin a lot more when I have the time. I have also been reading more about MMIX recently. Also yesterday I read more about Java Card and other SMART Card technologies. Differential Power Analysis attacks combined with the non-garbage collecting, non-typcial Java Card environment make for some interesting theorectical attacks. Blah blah blah blah.


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