Matrix Reloaded Reloaded

[ from the second-chance dept. ]

I went to see Matrix Reloaded last night, after yet another Wagamama. This time Warner Village cinemas did not screw up completely. I reminded them that I have filed several complaints against them and that it was very much in their interest to not screw up this time. I am not a complaining little old man – I just want to watch a film peacefully.

My suspicions about Matrix Revolutions may be a little excessive since many audiences would not like the idea that either Neo and the gang are not human or are still within a Matrix within a Matrix within a…

I am reading through some DES stuff because I wish to write some PowerPC assembly routines for the John The Ripper password cracker. Mostly for fun and I will dedicate the patch to the everlasting memory of Kevin.

Last exam on Tuesday and I will do some revision for the next few days. Then I am off to York on Thursday for a random trip and detour prior to returning to Reading for a few days. I may well end up in Cambridge at some point over the weekend.


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