York and Cambridge trips

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I went to York last Thursday evening to meet my parents and to have supper. There is a pleasant horse and carriage trip available around the old and new parts of the city and I used that to quickly take in some of the area. As for the food, we were most impressed with Oscars, which had come highly recommended – thanks Tom – despite it being so busy that there were no tables until someone left and having more than a half hour wait! The food was very good indeed. I had Cajun Chicken.

On Saturday (which er now seems to have been yesterday) I went to Cambridge to visit Toby and had good times. We went in to the city and had a BBQ afterwards. Speaking of the City – on the way back to Reading, I went through London and First Great Western managed to screw things up nicely. Due to a safety scare which was probably caused by them having admitted to their trains being in need of replacement , the 22:00 just sat at the platform for ages until someone eventually told us we had to get off. I called National Rail and wasted some time trying to find out what was going on – obviously it really is too much to expect customer service with certain rail operators – and eventually left London almost an hour later. So a 2.5 hour journey becomes 3.5 hours thanks to the fantastic state of railways in this country. The sad fact is we just cannot rely on such transport.

So bah anyway er, meh. I felt like ranting over that First Great Western thing because they just annoy me. Virgin Trains are getting better though – the staff at Reading actually used to know what I meant when I inquired for Virgin Trains services to hell – and the York trip went smoothly. I will mostly be in Reading for the next couple of weeks and back in Nottingham on the 12th for my degree classification!


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