Programmable fun

[ from the xilinx-are-pretty-cool dept. ]

I was bitching about the direction certain paths in education are taking and reminded myself that things could be a lot worse – or better.
I disagree with the government notion that 50% of the population should have degrees – people should have a degree if they want to study some area and have sufficient interest in the longer term or just for intellectual challenge…or whatever, not because they have nothing else.

I have been playing around with some Xilinx stuff again. I already had a bunch of CPLDs at home cluttering up space but now I am using the Virtex II Pro and the modified GNU tools. I plan to buy a load more kit as soon as it becomes affordable.

This weekend I told myself I would look at Minix for PowerPC again. It is of course likely that something else will grab my attention yet again rather than this port but if I do finally get around to it then I will begin the low level platform support.


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