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spinning jcm

So it looks like the USA trip is on hold again, at least until the economic situation improves with regards to visiting certain companies. I am currently trying to persuade my contacts that I am happy to visit even given the present situation so we will have to see what happens.

I have another job interview tomorrow, which should be interesting. Various interesting stuff is happening on the job front but I am not going to document that for the general public at this stage – suffice it to say I am looking for an “interesting and stimulating role with an exciting company”, especially in embedded GNU/Linux development but also in a number of other Research areas too.

At the moment I am writing a quick test serial driver for something which looks a lot like a 16550 and at some point this week should be able to sort out the board info structure for this development board. Next week I will hopefully be at the Linux User & Developer Expo 2003 and also in Nottingham for a friend’s BBQ. There is a certain amount of stuff to do before then.


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