Playing with FPGA stuff

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The BSD Daemon copyright Marshall Kirk McKusick.

Listening to: Tears For Fears – Mad World (Ogg Vorbis)
(W H Smith have a special promotion covering a lot of music).

I have decided to purchase an FPGA development board with either a Xilinx Virtex II or a Spartan on it for playing with programmable logic at home. I plan to test the Microblaze uClinux port and have a board which is cheap enough to be justifiable but hopefully also be useful. The other side of things is that this should tie in with the book I bought on VHDL recently. I want to play with the OpenCores OPENRISC Specification and the OPENRISC 1200 hardware implementation.

Was reading up on Myrinet and VME as I consider some more interesting parallel libraries I might use on this SPARC cluster at home. The first job is going to be to build the thing over the next few weeks now that hopefully the racking is about to be complete. Also I want to experiment with MPI and a few of the other message passing primitives which Compsci Courses brush over without going in to detail.


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