High Voltage Trip Out

[ from the 21st-centuary-without-power dept. ]

Listening to Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love?

At 06:15 this morning approximately there was a High Voltage trip out in the Southern Electric provided area of Tilehurst. Since I know the emergency number off hand (+448457708090) through previous issues I immediately called for an explanation. Later today I shall attempt to ascertain whether this was safety related or purely Southern Electric incompetence. For some reason personally I always assume that in these situations it is more likely to be the latter issue although the former is of course a perfectly valid reason. Just as I powered off the battery backup the power returned which was of course bound to happen. I need to know why these happen.

I spent quite a while reading about the American power failures and have to know when these things are down to mistakes which could have been avoided.

I am not entirely concerned with complaining however. Yesterday I called Costa coffee to tell them that the guys in Reading Station are always extremely pleasant and have been so for at least a year or so that I have been going there for my morning caffeine fix.

My mood is recovering.


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