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On late Thursday afternoon, after I finished unpacking the PDAs, I met up with Sid and Hussein in Leicester Square. We went over to Trafalgar Square and visted the National Gallery – which was pretty cool. I could get quite fond of visiting and especially enjoyed seeing several Monet’s in the flesh so to speak – before posing like tourists in front of statues. Hussein will remind me that I need a digital camera in the comments below.

Hussein caught a train after we had wondered down through Westminster – picking up a comical postcard with the Queen on it – and found a bike shop near Waterloo Station. Sid and I had food in Leceister Square at an interesting restaurant called Chiquito. We watched as Ewen McGregor turned up for a film premier and then found a train for Sid to go back to Nottingham.

The next day we met up again in the evening after I was delayed coming in to Paddington from Reading due to some signalling problem and also after I had gone to Computer Exchange on Tottenham Court Road to get a 128MB SD Card. We saw Blood Brothers at the Phoenix theatre – which was absolutely excellent.
I also spoke to this chap about “The Saturday Morning Orchestra” which I am thinking I might like to join soon – they meet in Calcot which is down the road and someone from work goes too so I at least know one other person there. I play Violin in case anyone was wondering I also have a Bishop’s Chorister Royal School Of Church Music award which is quite handy too.

Sid and I went back to Reading and then yesterday had a rather relaxed day in Reading. I bought the CompactFlash early in the morning and had my grapes before we went out to look around and eat at the Yellow River Cafe in the Oracle. Apparently Sid got home safely too.

On our travels we ended up in the Bargain Computer Books Store in Reading and I got talking to the chap there who used to run the Blackwells Computing section and recognises me each time I go in. I recommend that book store to anyone who wants good customer service.

I think I will try to regularly visit the theatre now and investigate Opera or Orchestral performances I can listen to on a weekend. There is what was called the Apollo Theatre in Oxford and is now known as New Theatre I believe. This is on the way home from work too.


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