Bournemouth Trip

[ from the another-trip-with-friends dept. ]

My Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 handheld running Open Zaurus

I had a very pleasant trip to Bournemouth today and visited bds while recalling the time when we lived in Bournemouth ourselves. I like the area. We went for a random walk around the City Centre and I saw the old bandstand where we went years ago – we walked along part of the beach and went up the cable lift before finding some lunch near Poole.

The 11:47 service from Reading was at one point going to be nonstop to Bournemouth though quickly introduced the scheduled stops. I saw my friend John who is working with Virgin Railways and ended up sitting with another pleasant woman who knew what a SPARCbook was once we got talking after discovering she works in IT at Orange. Had a talk about GSM and the various 3G stuff as wells as Sun and BOFH and even the nulcear bunker party hopefully soon. Another trip meeting thing. This is the second this week however though!

A very enjoyable afternoon with Hussein and Markus and Ben.


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