22 Today

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Well it has been a while since I updated this blog I suppose. I actually wrote an update about a week ago but it got eaten during submission which was again repeated just now. I think there is a bug somewhere in phpslash or Firebird which is causing me to not only get logged out but also drop the submission entered.

I have been having driving lessons with BSM for the past few weeks and thus far have driven around the Summertown and Headington areas in Oxford. Last week we went out on a dual carriageway and I tried to address the problems I am having with clutch control which result in stalling in traffic or at junctions. I had my first night time driving lesson during rush hour.

I met Simon Cozens again a couple of weeks ago and wet to oxgo for the first time. I have not yet been back in part because I have had other committments on a Tuesday. The food in Freuds looks quite good but last time I had already eaten at the Cafe Orient.
Tomorrow I am planning to be in Nottingham and on Friday I am at the EP Party. I hope to read more this week and in particular find time when I am in the right mindset for some Knuth to continue that.

We went via Eurostar on a trip to Brussels last weekend and met up with a friend. I met up with a fellow PowerPC developer and am planning to return for FOSDEM in the new year. I need to work out whether I am going to CEBIT. I was in Waterloo on Friday night at the Days Inn hotel following a trip to Nottingham on Thursday to visit friends. I need to visit Birmingham at some point.

I enjoyed Brussels very much and was impressed with the general efficiency – even when an overhead power line came down on the return journey. Once this side of the channel again there were many train signalling problems due to a madman cutting cables between Reading and Twyford or something. There were security staff on the platforms at Paddington though the others seemed to have hidden themselves quite nicely.

I have taken precautions following the kernel do_brk exploit in Linux and need to look at the PCI IDE controller card I still have which is waiting to have a few driver fixes made. I am now running Linux kernel 2.6.10-test11 [ that should read 2.6.0-test11 -- updated 11/12/2003 ] at home on perihelion and noticed a script fix for the Debian module-init-tools package.

J’ai 22 ans aujourd’hui.


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