Driving theory test today

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Today is driving theory test number one, followed by a trip to Birmingham and Nottingham. A friend of mine has apparently come out of his operation and I will be visiting him in Manchester next week also. Doing various work stuff and been reading a few more books – will write a longer update soonish.

I finished Reading “Dude, Where’s My Country?” and bought “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” on my trip to Bournemouth last weekend, in which I visited Ben and saw Last Samuri (a good film but it will not make me like Tom Cruise – the guy is still a Scientologist and weird cults do not do it for me). We played mini golf and I picked up some SCSI drives from someone on the Dorset LUG mailing list. It was fun to visit again.

I am reading “Linux Kernel Development” by Robert Love and have found a number of corrections which I have forwarded to the author and publisher. If anyone really wants to have a copy then they can drop me a line – however do buy this book because it is a good read.

My driving lessons are still going and I finally drove from Witney to Abingdon and then in to Oxford the other night. I still stall on occasion and am not confident enough in the car while also having a slight tendency to drive too slowly or fail to maintain 30 rather than 32 or 35 mph.
My driving instructor turns out to be an Apple user which is pretty cool and he is a very cool person generally too so I enjoy my driving lessons.

Look at the 20 years of the Macintosh video on the Apple website and enjoy how they refilmed this so the running woman is wearing ipod headphones… note that once again marketting has struck. But hey Apple are hip again even more than they were 20 years ago…now all that is needed is more QA.

Last night as in Thursday evening, we had another OxLUG food session and three of us turned up for it but still had fun. Went to a nice coffee shop and decided that the idea of writing a proper coffee guide as suggested by James is not such a bad idea after all. I am now on 16 LUG mailing lists and track as much as I can of the UK LUG scene because it is fun – I plan to go to a Hants meeting at some point perhaps next month.

Looking at cars and the potential to move sometime this year in to Oxford or a similar location. A friend at work is designing a Spartan 2e development board which several of us will get and play with at home – hopefully I can get microblaze-uclinux up and running on mine.

Booked tickets for FOSDEM. 10:42 train from Waterloo to Brussels on 20/02/3004 returning on Monday afternoon. Drop me a line if you are going.

Trying to get more regular nighttime patterns…


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