Tuesday, February 15 2005

Photo: Niagra Falls, Canada.

I went to Niagra Falls with ajh, having left Dan in Toronto to catch a train. We met up later in the afternoon and drove all night down through Upstate New York and in to Massachusetts. The border crossing in to the US was somewhat interesting. I have never before visited the Continental United States so I had the experience of being photographed and fingerprinted by the immigration people as I filled in two forms (I managed to ruin the first one by filling in a box one line out of phase).

We’re staying at a reasonable Hotel, just around the corner from the conference centre in downtown Boston. New England so far reminds me just a little of the Old England accross the pond. New York State has an Indian reservation on the border, and is filled with elevation changes that make your ears pop. Our faithful driver has thus far driven over 2000km.

I got some sleep after we arrived and later had more greasy food and coffee before visiting the first day of LinuxWorld.


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