Thursday, 17 February 2005

Photos (from left to right, and top to bottom on most browsers): Boston skyline by night, blu LUG February 2005 meeting, Jon Corbet of LWN talking about “The State of the Linux Kernel” (while announcing the new third edition of Linux Device Drivers too), Boston Harbour area near to the Quincy Market, A cup of Penguin Computing vanilla cafe latte, watching the stands setting up for the first day of Boston LinuxWorld Expo 2005.

We are about to enter the final day of the first year of LinuxWorld Expo in Boston. After arriving on Monday morning, we visited the stands as they were setting up. We and I have been doing the networking thing – I got to meet loads of folks I wouldn’t have seen on my usual side of the pond, and I’ve had a few lunch meetings with the likes of Bill Weinberg (OSDL’s Open Source Architect Specialist, formerly one of the original folks behind Montavista), another guy that I had not met personally, and a number of other encounters besides. I finally got to meet Don Becker of Linux networking fame after his talk on Linux clustering and picked up copies of Linux Kernel Development, Second Edition, and Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition. So far I have found two potential grammar issues in the former and a typo in the latter, after reading just a few pages. Good stuff, but maybe I can push a bunch of corrections as a way of persuading people to let me skim the next editions sooner.

Yesterday, I got up and had a look around before meeting someone for lunch. Had coffee. Had food. Visited blu, the Boston LUG, over at the MIT campus. Got a brief tour. Went to a famous Cambridge pub and ultimately ended up drinking coffee and eating donuts at a certain famous chain.

I went to the Oracle Installfest last night, the Intel party, and went for a late night walk around the parks after getting a T train downtown with Dan. I went to the OSDL party this evening, and various other things.


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