Thursday, 03rd March 2005

Photos (from left to right): Wookey talks in the Embedded Developers room at the FOSDEM, Several of us stay at the Mind offices in Lueven.

The FOSDEM was pretty entertaining. From wondering the streets of Brussels with a guy I know from Monta, to late night ramblings with a drunken Australian Plan 9 “user” (who uses Windows XP) countering a lot of FUDy shite, and a whole bunch of interesting talks and other folks – this event had a good mix. Plus I got to discuss the finer points of “Nun’s arse feck nickers” with JD. This is always a good thing around the time of FOSDEM. Also discovered that, yes, there are two ULB campuses in Brussels…

I’m off to Brussels again in the morning, then back again in the evening, and off to Nottingham over the weekend to do the whole catching up with people thing. More stuff to write, especially a proposal or two before next week. I’ve started reading the Bruce Perens series’ book on ecos, since they make them available as PDFs and (now I want it) I can’t seem to find it in a store.

I need to post a more complete entry on some of this stuff.


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