Saturday, 5th March 2005

I got a Eurostar to Brussels for a meeting. It was running late. Discovered there are two places with similar names, got the wrong one. Train coming back was late again. Great stuff. Still, I managed to do some playing and have borrowed an ML300 for a little hacking that needs getting done.

There is a little selection of beer here, so I can give some of my colleagues a bottle, as promised. Today, I am going to take some Brussels Triple (Le Grand Place Microbrewary) on our little road-trip up to Nottingham. I’m actually quite looking forward to this since it gives me the opportunity for meeting people I haven’t seen in a while. Bought mum some Belgian chocolates for Mothering Sunday in a pre-emptive strike not to miss it – well done to Waterstones for reminding me that this commercial festival was approaching (still, it’s one I’m happy to go along with – mums are really great).

We still haven’t made a final call on CeBIT and might end up booking tickets today. I’ll be sorting out a trip to the West Coast. There’s a valid routing I like via Ottawa, Portland and LAX but it’s expensive so I might not get to crash on Deepak’s floor just yet :-)


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