Wednesday, 9th March 2005

Ok. I wasn’t much better today either – but at least everyone agrees I look like shit :-)

On the other hand, I did manage to get someone here to get hold of a US->UK adapter for me when out shopping. This will be useful, and it actually works (kudos to Shop On The Bridge in Tilehurst). I hope to have some more fluid and feel better over night. Whatever I’ve had the past day or so has just made me feel really tired and icky on a semi-irregular basis (enough to be annoying).

I’ve booked my flights over to the States. I was pragmatic in the end and didn’t pay over the odds to go to Vancouver (the flight I wanted had gone and it was getting a bit silly to do it at this point) so I am just going straight to Los Angeles (LAX) with Virgin from Heathrow. I have booked a separate internal flight to Portland, Oregon (PDX) to stay with Deepak for a couple of days. He offered to let me crash on his floor when we were at FOSDEM last week. Never make jokes about such things when vaguely near me – I might just actually do it :P

Someone mailed me about the OF device tree stuff, I picked up head_4xx.S and started hacking on some stuff again.


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