Saturday, 12th March 2005

Been feeling a bit better again, although my eyes are still annoying me. Ears playing up a bit too. Bah. Anyway, need to get back on track with some stuff this weekend.

I went to the Ig Nobel event in Oxford this evening, which was quite amusing. Had chance to talk to agk briefly, might turn up to a bit of GLLUG today. I won’t make the Cambridge #debian-uk meetup today and maybe not next week either. Oh well, Paul will wait a bit longer for the HHKB – unless I can figure out another way to get it back to him sooner (if he’s around to get it).

Having booked flights to Los Angeles and Portland, I now need to add in a trip over to Sunnyvale (San Jose) for variously varied reasons. Might see if I can schedule a couple of things while I’m in town – it’s only about 39 miles to San Francisco and I quite like the idea of coffee and a gentle stroll along the Bay. We’ll see.

Had 6644 miles added to my Aeroplan account, setup a Virgin Flying Club account and generally need to have miles from other trips added on to these. Might be in Nottingham next weekend for Julia’s choir’s concert – depends upon various things but might be able to meet up with people while I’m in town if I stay for long.

I think my musical taste might be on the mend. Currently listening to an eclectic mix – right now it’s “Farewell to Nova Scotia”, but I’ve been playing a lot of Garbage (not the type I used to play). Some occasional Jefferson Starship in there too though.


UPDATE: None of the local government websites I looked at wanted to tell me that trains exist – but they really do. Caltrain operate a sub-one hour service from SJC to SF and back later on. So it’s feasible to visit San Francisco for coffee. Just something I’ve wanted to do since a mate went over for something like LinuxWorld a few years ago.

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