Monday, May 30, 2005

I’m off to Clapham Junction to meet up with some fellow printk folks and tinker with panic. I’ve got a proposal to work on later and some articles which are starting to feel a little overdue. Meanwhile, the music practice is not as far along as I wanted. I’ve got to make a call on whether I can learn this one piece in time and it’s starting to look like a real bad idea adding it in at this stage – a shame because I don’t want to disappoint. Meh.

Apparently, one can fly to New York relatively inexpensively from Ottawa. I’ll have a think about doing that while I’m on the East Coast – I’ve been to the State but never to the City itself. Some other folks would like me to head over to LinuxWorld San Francisco, but I think that’d probably be a little too much for one trip, tempting though :-)


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