I resigned earlier today.

For the past three years, I have been working with a small band of extremely talented people at a small NMR instrumentation company in Oxford. Last summer, around the time of OLS, the company was sold to another and took on a whole new direction, one less conducive to furthering my career development.

I learned a lot from working at the company and really enjoyed working with a few individuals in particular. Some of these people are so seriously cool, you’d be very surprised – my boss is the greatest guy you could work with and the electronics guy is so amazingly skilled that he can write software, VHDL, design cutting edge NMR instrumentation, hardware diagnostics and run a company quite literally all at the same time. I really respect that level of natural-born skill in someone.

I’m taking a new job with an Embedded Linux company in July and this will be a change from working with NMR instrumentation but not all that different from what I have been doing. I hope that I get the opportunity to work with some of these people again in the future.

“so long, and thanks for all the fun”.


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