LUG Radio Live 2005

LUG Radio Live 2005: I’ll be talking about Embedded Linux and demoing some cool tech gadgets, including talking about recent Xilinx FPGA kit running Linux.

BT tried to blame the weather for continued ADSL outages last night, in much the same way that rail operators – not bothering to be prepared for the inevitable British weather temprementality – choose to blame the “wrong kind of snow” or “wrong kind of rain” or whatever for their general incompetence. No! They should just learn to deal with the odd thunderstorm without going all shit on us.

I nearly ended up using dialup at home for the first time in years, but my ADSL modem is now getting line sync once again and I have broadband access once again this morning. It’s just annoying that, even after “local loop unbundling”, we’re still stuck with the shitty service that is BT. Where did my high-speed fibre to the home option go to?

No thanks to BT, I have managed to put together preparations for today’s LUG Radio Live 2005 talk on Embedded Linux. I even had to use a USB pen drive to store my presentation because BT were being shit. They suck – they wouldn’t suck nearly half as much if I could actually speak to the ADSL people without being forced to go via my provider. I can use some reasonably ok automated crap to report a fault and eventually run the risk of potentially talking to a human being – but they aren’t really qualified to test the DSLAM connection on your line (now to me, it’s part of the telephony service and should be part of a standard line test by this point in time – they’ve had several years to get that sorted). hint: human beings are useful things to talk to, shitty automated systems are not. Hopefully today will be more fun than last night preparing without ADSL was.


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