Farewell O.I.

Yesterday was my final day at O.I.. It’s been a fun three years since I first turned up on the doorstep of Resonance all bright eyed, bushy tailed and curious as to what NMR was all about. I’ve learned a lot since then and benefitted from working with some great people. Unfortunately, things were never really the same for me following the buyout last summer and I decided I couldn’t stay any longer. The surprising thing was the realisation how much I’ll miss a few of the people I’ve worked with – but I hope they’ll feel likewise and we’ll end up meeting up from time to time to yack about Linuxy stuff, the weather, etc. It was with a little emotion that I left the place last night, not sad to see the back of the office (it is, after all, completely impractical to get to on public transport) but sad to realise I won’t see some of these people again. I hope they have nice lives.


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