Visited States and Provinces

Map: States in the USA that I have visited.

Toby provided a link to Visited Countries ages ago (according to which I’ve only been to around 4% of the world – but there are countries obviously missing from that map and I also hope to visit more soon) and I randomly decided to fill in the 8 states I’ve visited so far on their Visited States page. If I go back at Christmas then I’ll possibly get one or two more done – but I’m seriously considering the US66 option as a roadtrip worth doing for fun next year. Probably worth seeing “flyover country” once.

Map: Canadian Provinces and Terrorities which I have visited.

World66 provides a tool for making maps of visited Canadian provinces, though they confuse “province”, “terrority” and “state” (so probably it was written by a USian). Still, it’s pretty useful and as a hack is based on the above.


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