Upgraded Wordpress

I just upgraded to the latest release of Wordpress since I wanted some of the newer features and didn’t feel like learning how to do my own non-crap looking theme (I really wanted Kubrick). Anyway, let me know if I missed any glaringly obvious stuff in the upgrade – I might turn on comment posting again if I’m happy it won’t be abused too much by evil spammer types (mostly I’m just annoyed at the time it takes to clean up the blog – I don’t much care about the spam in general).

As part of the upgrade, I have changed the default article view to 7 days (there seems to have been a behaviour regression in this release – 28 days seems to now mean 28 days of articles and not the last 28 days in a sliding window). Meh. I’ve also changed the home of the blog so that Google and other services all know it’s meant to live at www.jonmasters.org/blog/. It’s also worth pointing out that the same goes for my other domains – people really should be mailing me at my jonmasters.org address(es) at this point, even though the other ones obviously work too. I may not notice if you mail jonmasters.org.uk and it’s not working since I hardly ever use it.

[added after the post] I’ve added a spam plugin called “lr2spam” which is really simple (in terms of code) but should do what I want. Most importantly, it doesn’t rely on CAPCHA image techniques (which the W3C and others have marked as unholy, given their inaccessible nature as being designed assuming all people can see the image generated) and doesn’t need JavaScript to be enabled on the users’ machine either. So it’s good for Lynx, Links, etc. etc.


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