Powerbook Upgrade

I just received confirmation of my order for a shiny new Apple Powerbook from the folks at Terra Soft Solutions, who were obviously working New Year’s Eve to get these orders processed. Thanks guys.

With this purchase, I will now need to get a bunch of hardware up and running, including chipsets we know don’t work. I guess I’ll start out with USB wifi and take it from there – but I’d be greatful of emails about ongoing projects to get other bits ‘n’ pieces working.

Note that’s POWERbook, with the word POWER at the beginning, not WINTEL. I don’t want an Intelbook from Apple, so luckily the option to upgrade my existing 15″ model came along just in time. Otherwise, I’d have had to deal with inferior Linux support for x86 Wintelbooks. I doubt benh will even care enough to do a port for those things.


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