So, they announced the McMacs yesterday at MacWorld. I’m not surprised that Apple began by releasing a 15″ Powerbook replacement since that’s their performance portable. I do however continue to be disappointed that they couldn’t get their arse in gear and help churn out a new generation of PowerPC processors (which clearly are superior, from an architectural view) to keep the PowerPC platform going for many years to come. Such resistance stinks of external factors getting in the way of cool technology – but it’s happened now.

This limits my choices in buying a non-Intel platform (I’m not opposed to Intel, I just dislike x86 and would prefer not to have one in a laptop – so I’ve nothing against Apple using Xscale parts in future iPods) quite considerably and means I am more likely to have to consider that now. But this transition removes the technological binding I had to Apple. They’re now just shiny PCs and have to compete with Thinkpads for future sales. Clearly, Apple aren’t bothered about me and my enthusiasm for PowerPC and will do well out of the whole thing overall – but I’m still (mostly irrationally, just because I am) annoyed.

Think Apple, think the same as everyone else.


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