UK Internet Villain of the year

The UK has been named Internet villain of the year. Hardly surprising really. See, in the US they snoop on citizens too but it sparks consitutional debate – in the UK people just sit and have a cup of tea and put up with this shit through a combination of collective apathy and a lack of a constitution to protect them.

On a more fundamental level this story simply points out two things:

  • The average person in the street has no understanding of technology
  • This can be abused to push the concept of it being possible to track all people equally

Those of us who do have brains know that the bad guys have many ways around this trivial logging but that it does terrible things for the liberty of the average person. For me, I’ll just not use my ISP mail servers (which are unreliable and shit anyway) and if that becomes a problem, I’ll setup an account with a non-UK provider to shovel my mail someplace the UK government can’t do their evil thang.

If you don’t think this is a problem, I suggest:

  • Buy a copy of The News Of The World
  • Turn on the “footy”
  • Watch Eastenders
  • Join millions who let this stuff happen around them


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  1. Jimbo says:

    Because we all know everyone who watches football is stupid.

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