Hey! Let’s filter your mail!

“Our technical experience is vast, allowing us to support Macintosh, Windows and all flavours of UNIX”
– Mailbox Internet

So Mailbox are running SA or somesuch on outgoing mail. They might have been doing this for a while, but in any case have the level (10) set too low to prevent legit. mail from getting rejected. I’m getting bounces on certain mail sent out using them and it’s got to a level that I’m noticing it.

This is a point of principal. I don’t care what they do with their own systems (though I think filtering people’s mail for them because you presume them to be stupid is not cool) but I do care when I’m not warned about it. I didn’t know they were doing that – how do I know mail that I’ve sent out has been going where it should be?

I don’t run a direct delivering mailserver at home because some people who enjoy drinking the ORBS/MAPS koolaid far too much think it’s a good idea to also reject mail from ADSL type address ranges. Until panic.printk.net appeared, I also needed to have a second MX where mail could be delivered to in order to have redundant copies of mail – the current setup allows me to live with the loss of either colo or home and still have access to all mail (eventually, I’ll have triple backups setup and get this all nicely streamlined…maybe). So home is a valid MX for delivery but doesn’t send out directly all on its own.

Anyway. Colo is now handling all my outgoing mail, but I’m just annoyed once again that something happened and I didn’t get to know about it until things broke. Ok. I’m getting that other ADSL ordered in the next couple of weeks – I just need to get a line moved before it’s possible to do that.


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  1. Rob says:

    though I think filtering people’s mail for them because you presume them to be stupid is not cool

    Assuming people are stupid because they don’t know how to filter mail is ridiculous.

    Unless you’d care to:
    change the brake fluid on my car;
    dismantle and reassemble an SA-80 while blindfold;
    play the Rach 3 in front of a critical audience;
    get a baby to stop crying when it really won’t stop crying,
    and a thousand and one other tasks which if you’re well versed are easy, but if you aren’t then they’re impossible, then you thinking people who can’t filter mail are stupid is just pomposity and arrogance gone nuts.

    P.S. pomposity and arrogance are not good things.

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