killall -9 Firefox

Well, it had to happen eventually. Firefox finally became the bloatzilla mozilla always was.

Yep, that’s right. This is yet another rant about the stupid caching feature they added in 1.5 in an effort to find a way to waste as much RAM as is possible in a particular machine. This might be a packaging issue (I’ll leave that caveat), but I don’t think so. The fact is, today I had to kill firefox several times with RSS’s of 234MB and other shocking amounts of waste. That’s giving mozilla a run for its money. But it hadn’t even started – last week, the damn thing managed to bring the machine down to such a crawl that it took almost an hour for the system to page itself out of a frenzy.

I’ll try upgrading to the next release, but if they don’t quickly see the folly of what’s going on there then I guess I’ll have to look for another browser in a hurry. No, I don’t want an option to turn it off, I want it to not be broken in the first place. Hint: the previous release was perfect in that it did everything I need from a browser.


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  1. I guess all software gets bloated after a certain time as some users keep asking for more and developers keep pushing in more. In a perfect world, we’d all be writing our programs (kernels, OS’s and all) and just be using open standards to transfer info. Don’t think that will happen any time soon. BTW come see my blog.

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