Giant squashing machine

Update: Total now stands at over 322 England football hooligans arrested since yesterday. Like I said, they’re a giant waste of space and earn England the reputation it apparently deserves.

I’ve got an idea for those 100 England football fans who decided to engage in racist hate violence against Germans last night. I call it the “giant squashing machine” and its operation is simple. We ask those football fans to volunteer for re-education about how not to be pointless wastes of time and space, then put them inside a giant hole with a huge piston suspended above them. By squashing them all into tiny pieces, they can understand how pathetic and rediculous their actions are – football as a whole is a waste of time and energy but those England football fans are the absolute pinnacle of disgust that I have with the whole thing.

Now if they’d just volunteer and sign a waiver…


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  1. Jimbo says:

    Jon, this is a stupid generalisation and you know it, I thought you were above this. The people who do this kind of stuff are not football fans, they are thugs who happen to have latched on to football as something to base their violence around. Those of us who are England football fans generally loathe these mindless baboons at least as much as you do (if not more — after all, it’s us they make look bad).

    Your continual torrent of insults at football fans is really beginning to piss me off. I used to quite like you…

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