Why I won’t fly with Monarch

Last week, a flight bound for Manchester was disrupted by unruly passengers demanding that two men of Middle Eastern origin be ejected from the plane. They were apparently guilty of speaking more than one language (something that most British people struggle to do at all) and the other language happened to be Arabic. Some Daily Mail readers[0] later tried to explain away this institutionalized British racism but it’s pretty clear these guys were guilty of flying while having the wrong colored skin and not speaking English loudly and obnoxiously. This stupid British racist hysteria makes my blood boil.

Next time this country accuses other countries of being Xenophobic, I think people need to take a long hard look at what we allow people to get away with in the UK today. It’s called introspection folks. Many of these Daily Mail, The Sun, The News Of The World “people” seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to treat foreign people like dirt. It’s somehow acceptable not to embrace other cultures and welcome them but instead, we need to fear them for some reason. Monarch should know better than to pander to racists – they should have delayed the flight and ejected those making the unfounded accusations. I won’t fly with an airline that openly panders to these British racist extremists.


[0] I saw the BBC News TV reports in which the couple being interviewed were actually holding a copy of that foul newspaper whilst being “interviewed”. That pretty much destroyed their “credibility”.

2 Responses to “Why I won’t fly with Monarch”

  1. Jaed says:

    I thought you moved to the USA…!

  2. Jonny says:

    I quote from the news article, ‘No details of their “suspicious” behaviour were revealed’. So what makes you so sure that the said behaviour wasn’t suspicous enough. Its not purely about terrorism, its just general avaition safety. Monarch have a much higher level of training with their cabin crew than most airlines, and its a 10 year waiting list to get a command (promotion to captain). As such, the crew are not junior like some other airlines. To make the assumptions and conclusions you have, I think its you that is guilty of pre-judging on this occasion.

    As for your crazy generalisation on people that read particular papers, I’m not sure if you’re being a snob or a biggot.

    Highly ironic post I think

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