Fun with telemarketeers – “The Religious Zealot”

So, I’ve been trying to think of more interesting ways to get rid of telemarketeers. The number here is on the Caller Preference Service and a bunch of other “don’t bother” lists, but they still call from time to time with fantastic offers I just shouldn’t miss…

caller: Hello, Mr. Masters!
< bit of questioning from me to find out if it's a legit. call >
caller: Are you currently using a mobile phone?
me: yeah.
caller: Which network are you with?
me: The GOD network.
caller: And are you on pay as you go or contract?
me: Neither.
caller: So how much do you pay per month?
me: Nothing. It's paid for through devine intervention.
caller: Uh, I see, that's great.

Give it a go! Be creative!


3 Responses to “Fun with telemarketeers – “The Religious Zealot””

  1. Rob G says:

    Devine intervention is the best.

  2. mark johnson says:

    a good line is ‘have you acepted jesus as your personal saviour?’ that often throws them off. or you can say that before they start asking questions, could you offer a prayer.

  3. I normally say :

    “I’m already a (customer|member) of ($product|$group); thanks!”


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