Apartment photos

Photo: Apartment building courtyard, complete with squirrels.

I moved into the apartment a week ago. The weekend before the one just gone, I made an emergency trip to Ikea (as I blogged about previously) to get a bed (3 hours of intensive not-designed-for-one-person-alone assembly required) and then went back a couple of days later with some (cool) friends to grab bits and pieces. I’m now at the point where (after a few trips to Ikea, CVS, Walgreens, and Target) I have a working kitchen and bathroom, partially complete bedroom and at least a coffee table and chair in the lounge…and 6Mbit business cable. Hopefully, my UK junk turns up in a couple weeks.

I’m in London right now (well, actually Reading, but I’m getting a train into London at some anti-social time this morning in order to get to the hotel I was booked into for breakfast – too busy fixing stuff at the moment to go down) at the UK franchise of LinuxWorld. If you’re around this week, ping me on my UK cellphone|mobile number (+44-777-613-1337) or email me and we’ll grab some coffee if there’s time to hook up.


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